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Hi, I'm Marta!

My purpose is to create inspiring and emotional videos. 

I studied Audiovisual Communication and I've been working in the field for more than 10 years as a director, camera operator, video editor, post producer and scriptwriter. I worked on several projects such as short documentaries, short films, advertising and corporate videos.

Degree in Cinema and Television, Ramón Llull University, Barcelona.

Cum Laude in Audiovisual Communication Theory.

Specialisation in DAMS Cinema, University of Bologna, Italy.

Audiovisual specialization courses in Color Correction, Motion Graphics, DOP  Techniques and Sound Editing.



La invasión

2020 Cerdanya Film Festival, Cerdanya.

2021 Semana de Cine Medina del Campo, Medina del campo.

2021 Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival, Gales.

2021 Irvine International Film Festival, Estats Units

2021 Orlando Film Festival, Estats Units

2021 Atlanta Shortsfest, Estats Units

2021 FICLAPAZ, Festival Internacional de Cine de La Paz, Bolivia


My intimate business

2019 OTOK Film Festival, Isola, Slovènia

Draga Jozica

2019 FEKK Short Film festival, Ljubljana, Slovènia

2019 DOKUDOC Documentary Film Festival, Maribor, Slovènia

2019 Festival Slovenskega Filma, Ljubljana, Slovènia

2019 Contradiccions feministes, L'Hospitalet.

2020 VIZANTROP v Beogradu, Belgrade, Serbia

2020 Izola Film Festival, Isola, Slovènia

2022 Luksuz Festival, Krosko, Slovènia

2022 Fefi Feministični filmski festival, Ljubljana, Slovènia


Exquisipan, women's bakery

2016 Women in Focus, California, Estats Units

2016, Nova York, Estats Units



Videoart - Director & filmmaker

2022, Barcelona

Uniendo Manada

Documentary - Postproducer

2022, Barcelona


La Filadora

Short film - Director & filmmaker

2022, Barcelona

Can Batlló, City of Trades

Short documentary - Director

2021, Barcelona

La invasión

Shortfilm - Art director


Draga Joziza

Short documentary - Director

2019, Slovenia

KK Unseen

Videoart - Director & filmmaker


My intimate business

Short Film - Editor


El comedor

Short documentary - Director & filmmaker

2016, Peru

Exquisipan, women's bakery

Short documentary - Director & filmmaker

2016, Peru

Introducing Lucy

Short film - Editor's assistant

2014, United Kingdom

Mi piace il Cinema experimentale

Videoart - Editor

2012, Italy

A las Cinco

Shortfilm - Director

2011, Barcelona

CEU BARCELONA, Más allá del Juego

Short documentary - Director

2011, Barcelona




Independent Art Fair of Barcelona - Can Batlló

2018 - Current, Barcelona

Let It Beat

Barcelona Afrobeat Festival - Can Batlló

2019, Barcelona

Feminist Contradictions

Exhibition - CC Collblanc Torrassa

2019, L'Hospitalet

Arte al Margen

Photography project - Arrels Fundation

2016 - 2017, Barcelona

Hot enamel on metal

Exhibition - La Bòbila

2015, L'Hospitalet

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